Isabelle Boissonneault Gilbert

I have been using Genacol Optimum for 3 months now and I simply can’t live without it! This product is incredible for my joints. I feel so good on a daily basis and I can do all my normal activities without pain. Thank you Genacol.

Diane Boisvert

Since few months, I have used Genacol for my ankles and I have seen a real reduction in pain caused by osteoarthritis and multiple sprains over the years. I notice improvement especially when I walk miles every day during a travel. Thank you Genacol.

Daniel Romain

Canadian friends made me discover Genacol. I am 63 years old from Noiseux in Belgium. Genacol has erased knee and ankle pain. Pain caused by accidents during my military career!

Flechelle Morin

Following a car accident, I had constant pain for 5 years. My mother suggested me to try Genacol and I had positive results in less than 6 weeks. I was very surprised of the pain reduction. No other product that I tried has work as well as Genacol.

Louis Cote

I tore the scapular muscle of my right arm at 100% and the pain was unbearable. I tried all painkillers and nothing worked well. Then, I discovered Genacol Optimum. Now, I have days whitout pain and complete night of sleep.

Catherine Royet

Genacol Optimum is like a miracle for me. No more anti-inflammatory medication and the discomforts that comes with it! I use to walk only 10-12 minutes a day, with pain. Since I use Genacol, I can now jog 5 km per day WITHOUT PAIN !!! Thank you Genacol!

Carolyn Desjardins

Suffering from multiple sclerosis, I finally found a product that helps me regain some mobility. I have been using Genacol Bone & Joint recently and my right leg mobility has improved. Thanks to Genacol, my joint pain is reduced.

Helene Leblanc

I htake Genacol Optimum and I feel relief of the inflammation caused by the osteoarthritis that I have on my back and the hands. I notice a marked improvement in the flexibility of my joints. I am (a young) retired and no question of being inactive! Really, try Genacol products, you will feel the difference.

Yvan Cournoyer

(Genacol Spokeperson) I use Genacol® Original Formula since 2004. Having a knee injury that required surgery, I was able to continue carrying out regular activities without difficulties. Not too long ago, I finally had to go through the surgery. I can say that Genacol makes my recovery easier.